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I am a person who loves Haiti and the beauty that makes up this country. From the people to the beaches to the saut d’eaux found throughout the country, Haiti has many facets that make up its beauty.

Labadee is such a place that I discovered while living in Cap Haitien nearly 30 years ago. At that time, there was a perfect Caribbean beach lined with palm trees, a few rock shell cottages, a large shell of a building and four guards at the gate. The entire peninsula was empty of people and the village of Labadie was on the opposite side of the bay. At the time it was called Coco Beach. Yes, even back then it wasn’t know with a Creole name. (However,¬†every other place in the area had a proper french or creole name attached to it.)

It was on Coco Beach that I enjoyed my first lobster cooked over an open fire and washed off in the salty waters of the Caribbean. I have had lobster one time since that was as memorable and it was in the Caribbean as well.

Looking at pictures of Labadee now illustrates that things change. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes for the worse. And, sometimes it is just different. Labadee is different. Royal Caribbean has taken a hidden jewel of Haiti, polished it and created a destination people love to visit.

With new adventures coming my way in Haiti, I will return to this jewel to visit and reminisce. I will continue to admire the beauty, but will have a tinge of longing to when the beach could be enjoyed with just one or two other close friends.

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