Labadie, Haiti Has Changed

One thing is inevitable in life … there is change. I am at the ripe old age of “glad I did it then instead of now”. Labadie, or Labadee as it is now known is one of those changes in life. When I experienced Labadee, there was nothing except for a few guards at the gate and zero people on the beach. Now, fast forward to today. the peninsula that I wish I could have purchased way back when is now the home of Royal Caribbean’s private oasis called Labadee on the north coast of Haiti.

Labadee has become a vacationers wonderland with water toys, zip lines, waterslides, beach games and stores. People are encouraged to stay on the property experiencing Haiti as never experienced before in anyone’s life.

Change isn’t always bad, in many cases it is good. Royal Caribbean has created a wonderful paradise for people to enjoy a “ti gout” d’Haiti. But, it is definitely different from the Labadie of the past.

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